Trading Technologies – Algo Trading Techniques and Opportunities

Nowadays, in the realm of trading technologies, due to algorithmic programs being placed on high-powered computers, professional money managers are capable of pushing orders through small openings — average trade of 155,000 shares. What exactly is an algorithm? An algorithm, initially introduced by an Arab mathematician in the 9th century, is a collection of well thought out steps, and these steps serve the purpose of producing a desired numeric target. Now, these formulas have the interesting function of helping with buying and selling copious blocks of stocks. Moreover, these blocks of stocks that are bought and sold are traditionally proffered amongst the traders operating through Wall Street Brokers or on the floor of the NYSE.

By trading algorithms, all of the large orders will automatically break into smaller sizes, and then they will go directly into the mouth of the hungry market. Although the large amount of orders are broken down into smaller bites, they are still capable of being tuned to execute a substantial amount of strategies. Nevertheless, while some of them focus more on capturing an average price for a day, others attempt to gain a noticeable edge by trading a lot more heavily at various periods throughout the day.

There is a multitude of benefits and advantages that come with trading algorithms. In principle, algo trading is not only more secure than having a human broker, but it also comes with a price that falls under a penny a share for trading electronically. For full-service trades, which include research, the cost is 6 cents.

Wall Street looks at algorithms as a terrific way to recoup an immeasurable amount of commission revenues that were lost to other electronic exchanges. In addition, to help managers further their techniques in trading, brokers and banks are proffering their new services that help money managers test performance of trades before and after the process of executing. In the past, no more than two years, a lot of the major brokers spent whatever they had to ramp up the business. Some of them simply chose to buy into the business.

When discussing the topic of trading technologies, trading algorithms have a significant edge over the programs that are more well-known. Algo trading handle trades for stocks individually. In addition, when trading grows to rates that are extremely volatile, exchanges do not ban their use as other programs have done in the past — since the market meltdown in 1987.